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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 30, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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not divvying up the pie, avoiding a fight. >> as the crisis unfolds, keep it here on the fox news channel. special report is next. russia bombs u.s.-allied rebel fighters and catches the obama administration flat-footed. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington, you were just watching secretary kerry at the united states with the foreign minister of russia, sergei lavrov. russia backs u.s.-backed rebel strongholds in syria. backing up syrian leader bashar al assad. to set the table with breaking news from the region, let's look back. three years and a month ago,
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president obama said this about syria's use of chemical weapons. >> we have been very clear to the assad regime, but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons being moved around or being utilized. that would change my cal kuls that would change my equation. >> chemical weapons were used. in the weeks and months after that the president repeatedly insisted assad's days in power were numbered. >> i'm confident that assad's days are numbered. >> fast forward to this week and a day after president obama met with russia leader vladimir putin, russia acts on its own to start an attack. not on isis, but on syrian rebels who want to take assad out of power. including the u.s.-supported free syrian army. leaving u.s. officials today scrambling. we have fox team coverage. kevin cork is at the white house
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with what appears to be a direct challenge to president obama from the russian leader. and we begin with national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon who broke this story today on a day that began with a message from the russians delivered in a very unusual way. >> that's right, brett. a senior u.s. military source described the russian appeal known as a demarche, as curt, stern and direct. the pentagon i'm told was caught offguard. the russian war planes began dropping bombs in syria within an hour of a russia three-star general entering the u.s. embassy in baghdad and issuing a verbal statement saying that russian war planes would begin flying soon. sources said it was a tense conversation. the russian general went on to say if you have forces in the area, we request they leave. which elicited this response from the defense secretary here at the pentagon. >> this is not the kind of
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behavior that we should expect professionally from the russian military professionally and that's one reason why i think it's a good thing to have an avenue of communication. that is less unprofessional than a drop-in. >> the secretary said he had ordered his team to keep talking to the russians. >> i take my, the russians at their word. my problem is not that i don't understand what they're doing. i think in my problem is that this i think what they're doing is going to backfire and is counterproductive. >> the first russian strikes began near homes about halfway between damascus and aleppo in western syria. according to reports, children were pulled from the rubble. the pentagon says there are no isis targets in the cities where russia is striking. >> everything was set by the russian minister of defense. don't listen to pentagon about the russian strikes. >> russia's parliament authorized airstrikes this morning. >> translator: the support will be from the air without
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participation in ground operations. >> but satellite images showed temporary housing has been built for more than 1500 russian troops, hundreds of those troops have already begun arriving in syria. centcom says u.s. war planes will not comply with the russia request. u.s. war planes continued carrying out missions today. >> what we should say to vladimir putin, you fly, but we fly anywhere we want to, when and who we want to and you better stay out of the way. >> the russian general, brett, was from that military cell that we first reported russia established with syria and iran last week in baghdad. another surprise for the u.s. embassy and the pentagon. >> we'll head back for any breaking details. jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. now to the politics and the policy of the russian moves. the things was caught by surprise, despite the fact that president obama's -- presidents
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obama and putin spoke face to face at the united nations just monday. correspondent kevin cork has that from the white house. >> i believe there's an opportunity to be able to do, to go down that political track. because president putin accepted the idea of a dual track effort. >> it may be a novel idea, but in practice, the russians appear to have a one-track mind when it comes to syria. despite carefully coordinated bilateral meetings between presidents put be and obama during the united nations general assembly and repeated phone calls between secretary kerry and lavrov. moscow's decision to carry out airstrikes without notifying the u.s. raises serious questions. the president has repeatedly called not ouster of syrian dictator bashar al assad. but years later, those calls remain unanswered. two years ago, mr. obama said this. >> we both agree, that assad needs to go. >> and on numerous occasions
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again this year, he said virtually the same thing. >> it will not be possible to fully stabilize that country, until mr. assad who has lost legitimacy in the country, is transitioned out. >> but analysts argue assad's not going anywhere any time soon. they say that's because under this commander-in-chief, the u.s. has given up its leadership role in the region. and vladimir putin, who backs assad, has eagerly filled the power vacuum. >> he's bidding for dominance in the middle east against the united states. and he thinks he can prevail. because he has a weak and feckless occupant in the white house. >> the debate over what to do about syria has hit the 2016 campaign trail. we spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors all over and putin is now taking over what we started. and he's going into syria. and he frankly wants to fight isis. and i think that's a wonderful thing. >> white house officials, meanwhile, say russia's
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aggression is a sign of weakness, not strength and offered this warning today for the kremlin. >> russia will not succeed in imposing a military solution on syria. any more than the united states was successful in imposing a military solution on iraq a decade ago. and certainly no more than russia was able to impose a military solution on afghanistan three decades ago. >> and brett, as the viewers on fox news saw tonight, secretary of state john kerry joined by his russian counterpart underscored the importance of maintaining a tie log and ramping it up to make sure there's operational cooperation as well as technical and strategic cooperation in syria. what he didn't say, however tonight, is why the russians didn't reach out to the u.s. before they started their airstrikes in syria today. brett? >> that dialogue was not open. kevin cork live on the north lawn, thank you. as the focus today centered on syria. another hot spot got even hotter. afghanistan. u.s. forces are now engaged in
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firefights as afghan troops try to recapture the city of kunduz in the north from taliban insurgents, who seized that area monday. correspondent conner powell has the latest tonight from our middle east news room. >> despite warning that the taliban were gaining strength, afghan security forces appear to have been caught offguard monday when several hundred taliban fighters stormed the city of kunduz. as the taliban expand their grip over afghanistan's sixth largest city, government security forces are reportedly surrendering in droves. with insurgents capturing u.s.-provided equipment. backed by u.s. airstrikes, afghan security forces have launched a counteroffensive. but all the major strategic positions except the airport are now under taliban control. in kabul, afghan lawmakers called on the pro american president, ashraf ghani, to resign. it's been almost 72 hours, this
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afghan member of parliament says that people inside the city have been suffering from lack of food, water and electricity. children and women are dying. >> american special forces soldiers are on the ground in kunduz, and according to u.s. officials, are actively involved in the operation, including battling insurgents at the airport. despite the worsening situation, the pentagon continues to publicly support the afghan military. >> obviously this is a setback for the afghan security forces. but we've seen them respond in recent weeks and months. to the challenges they face. and they're the same thing. in kunduz right now. >> as more elite afghan troops move from the eastern and southern part of the country to kunduz, the counterover should be able to root out the less-equipped taliban fighters. but the failure to protect a key afghan city has already damaged the unstable u.s. strategy of training and outfitting the afghan security forces. there are roughly 10,000 u.s.
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troops in afghanistan. and the white house was hoping to reduce that number significantly in the coming months. the fall of kunduz will likely make that more difficult to do any time soon. brett? >> conor powell, thank you. palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he's no longer bound with agreements signed with israel. he told the united nations general assembly that israel's refusal to commit to agreements already signed happens rendered the palestinian authority powerless. shortly after, the palestinian flag was raised at the united nations for the first time. the u.s., canada and israel were among the nations that voted against what is a symbolic gesture for a nonmember state. up next, we'll look at the latest batch of classified documents that went through hillary clinton's private email server, that's breaking this afternoon. first hear what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 25 in oklahoma city, with a last-minute stay of execution for convicted murderer richard
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glossip who was scheduled to die this afternoon. governor mary fallon issued a 37-day delay after the u.s. supreme court refused to intervene. last night kelly rene disendaner was executed in georgia for the 1997 murder of her husband. fox 59. judd mcmillan's announcement came a week after he sent out a text saying his phone had been stolen and apologizing to anyone who may have received offensive material. a sexually explicit video was sent from the phone. a live look at our new york affiliate. preparations for hurricane joaquin. sed to be strengthening as it heads to the central bahamas, some tracking models suggesting landfall on the east coast, possibly new jersey later on in the week. a live look outside the beltway
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from "special report" we'll be right back.
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for those of you scoring at home, you can add more than 200 to the number of hillary clinton emails considered classified, that went through her unprotected personal email server. while she was secretary of state. the latest batch of communications was released late this afternoon. chief white house correspondent ed henry is going through them. >> hillary clinton has called it the drip-drip she has no control over and that intensified today. as the state department released hundreds of pages of her official email covering late 2010 into 2011. with at least another 100 more emails with classified information. covering topics from the fall of libyan dictator moammar gadhafi, to sensitive talks with pakistan and the israeli/palestinian peace process.
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plus aen email that a close aide forded to clinton, including details about then secret talks hosted by the sultan of oman. clinton insisted nothing was marked classified at the time. except critics charge she and her aides should have known it was classified information in real-time. all of this comes as a congressional source told fox that fbi director james comey has briefed select lawmakers on the fact that his agency's criminal investigation is looking at the possibility that a foreign entity or hacker breached clinton's personal server. the pressure on clinton is building as she prepares to testify before republican tray goudy's house select committee on benghazi on october 22nd. the gop runs the danger of overreaching, after house majority leader kevin mccarpety, the likely successor to speaker boehner, said this on fox.
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>> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee. a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. >> clinton aides jumped on those comments with a video claiming mccarthy was admitting the goal is to damage her and the campaign got an assist from the white house. >> loader mccarthy has committed the classic washington gaffe. as being something that already knows is true. >> after a google email hack in june 2011, state department aide said it was time to make public that their system was so old that high officials used personal email accounts to get things done. the staffer said she was the target of an attempted hack, it was not smart to telegraph how much folks do or don't do off state mail, so they don't encourage overs. they knew in 2011 they were being targeted and sent a cable to people in the field don't use your personal email.
3:18 pm
they continued doing it. >> this is tedious going through all of these emails. but found one from houma abadin about the secret talks in oman. >> this was one of the most sensitive secrets within the obama administration. what was said in the email that houma forwarded, we don't know, it's blacked out. >> we continue to follow that. on politics on the other side of the aisle, ohio governor john kasich is taking off the gloves, trying to energize his presidential campaign by zapping some of his gop rivals in the first of the nation caucus state of iowa. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the story tonight. >> i've always been a sort of an against-the-grain, i've always been a researcher. >> last week ohio governor john kasich, campaigning in iowa, ripped into his gop opponents outsiders and insiders alike. >> we got all of these pontiff
3:19 pm
indica katers. what have they done since they've been in the congress of the united states. >> he mocked most of the field for claiming they'll deport 11 million illegal immigrants. >> ship them all out, that's ridiculous, what are we going to do round them up somewhere? >> kasich claims that hurling insults are part of what tunes out voters. >> it's one thing to say here's my ideas. but when you spend your time sort of being very bombastic and declaring certain things, you know, how you going to get it done? you can't deliver, what's the point? you're nothing more than a changing bell. >> kasich began in second place to donald trump. he's fourth training ben carson and carly fiorina. carson held a town hall in new hampshire. >> there's some question if i'm
3:20 pm
on the media and the political elite. talking about i should get this. i'm not going to do it the way politician does it because i'm in the a politician. >> ahead of tonight's deadline, carson aides boasted having raised $20 million in the last three months. half in the last four weeks. in which carson defended and explained his opposition to a muslim president unwilling to renounce sharia islamic law for the constitution. at the end of the second quarter, ted cruz and jeb bush led the fundraising race, for bush, he had about $100 million and cruz was at about $50 million if they continue to build on that, they could both be very tough to catch. brett? >> carl cameron live in davenport. thank you. still ahead, three years ago mitt romney was the butt of jokes by the obama campaign. when he said russia was still the biggest geopolitical threat to the u.s. his reaction to today's events? first congress keeps the government open past a midnight funding deadline.
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lawmakers on capitol hill have approved a funding measure to keep the government open past midnight. the ten-week bill does not take away federal funding from planned parenthood as many gop conservatives wanted. it may just delay an inevitable confrontation over the issue. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill with more. >> not much drama on the deadline day following resignation of john boehner. the house approved a ten-week government funding extension to avoid a shutdown. the vote was 277-151. the senate approved the measure 78-20.
3:25 pm
already the focus has shifted to the next funding showdown. >> as we talk about where spending comes between now and december 11th, we have to recognize and be honest with the american people that we operate under a budget agreement that has statutory caps signed by this president. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced he and boehner would like to begin talks with the white house on a long-term budget deal and would like to cut congressional democrats out of the talks. but the white house is standing by its allies. >> the president understands quite directly that budget deal will not be possible without the support of democrats in congress. which is why it would be foolish to leave democrats in congress out of the negotiations. >> clearly republican leaders believe the talks would be less complicated without congress's top democrat at the table. brett? >> had to pass the bill tonight with a lot of democratic votes. mike, what is the controversy tonight involving house oversight committee chairman
3:26 pm
jason chaffetz and the secret service? >> dozens of secret service employees are reported to have improperly looked at the job application of utah republican congressman jason chaffetz, currently leading an investigation into scandals at the secret service agency. an assistant director of secret service suggested that officials should leak embarrassing information in retaliation against chaffetz. the report says that 45 employees reviewed the chaffetz file. chaffetz said a short time ago that certain lines should never be crossed. secret service director joe clancy issued a statement saying quote any employee regardless of rank or seniority who committed misconduct will be held accountable. this incident will be no different and i will assure that the appropriate disciplinary actions are taken. homeland secretary jeh johnson has personally apologized.
3:27 pm
republican lawmakers will vote on a replacement for outgoing house speaker john boehner next thursday. the full house is expected to decide in a few weeks. majority leader kevin mccarthy is considered the front-runner. stocks rallied today. the dow gained 236. the s&p 500 was up 36. the nasdaq finished ahead 103. yesterday, the head of planned parenthood underwent some grilling by republican lawmakers on capitol hill, part of their ongoing effort to defund her organization. tonight correspondent doug mckelway is here to tell us that there's more at issue here with many lawmakers defending planned parenthood. >> it's not just the graphic videos to try to t strip planned parenthood of its funding. it's that planned parenthood is partis partisan. its political arm, the planned
3:28 pm
parenthood action fund contributed to 55 democrats and to one republican. represented here by the pie chart's tiny sliver. >> all of the money is going to the democrats. why should federal taxpayers pay for that? >> the plant parenthood action fund is a totally separate corporation. receives no federal lawyers whatsoever. >> planned parenthood's ceo biography leads like a democratic party litmus test she founded america votes, a coalition of democratic party organizations, she was deputy chief of staff to house minority leader nancy pelosi. she created the texas freedom network and her mother was anne richards, best known for this 1988 partisan slash at then-gop presidential nominee george hw bush. >> he can't help it. he was born with a silver foot in his mouth.
3:29 pm
>> republicans ended yesterday's hearing demanding ceo richards answer a long list of questions about planned parenthood's spending. it had a familiar ring to the committee's ranking democrat, though. >> as i listen to the questions, that you have to answer, and the information that you've just been asked to provide, i cannot help but think about the rn. >> that's a dig at republicans for using the same tactics against planned parenthood that the irs used against democrats seeking tax-exempt status. brett? >> doug, thank you. no grape vooip tonight, when we come back, mitt romney essentially says i told you so.
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit breaking news, at the top of the hour, russian war planes bombed targets in syria today. after warning american leaders to keep their aircraft out of the area. russia says it's going after isis terrorists. but u.s. officials say the targets hit today likely were u.s. allied syrian rebels. trying to oust's syria's
3:34 pm
russian-allied president. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. would have grave concerns if that is in fact the case. during the 2012 presidential campaign, president obama mocked mitt romney for saying russia is this country's biggest threat. after today's actions, no one is laughing. mitt romney is talking. telling us what he said at an ideas forum. >> crowd at the forum was for the most part friendly towards the president's policies that didn't stop mitt romney from letting him have it with both barrels on his handling of isis, syria and vladimir putin. >> the president has been a foreign policy disaster. you may love the president for a lot of reasons. his rhetoric is soaring, but the results have been terribly disappointing. >> three years ago romney was mocked by democrats for his debate announcement that russia is without question america's number one geopolitical foe.
3:35 pm
>> i'm not going to wear rose-which colored glasses. >> now with the russia bombing the opposition that the u.s. is pledged to support, romney's declaration seems prophetic. >> romney waded into the 2016 campaign. emitting laughter when he said the republicans are the parties of immigrants. and for the first time he weighed in on donald trump. ripping the billionaire for childishly insulting his opponents. ridiculing what trump said he would do about isis. >> he thought it would be a good idea to let isis take over syria and we could pick up the pieces. i thought that was both absurd and dangerous. >> romney said he doesn't think trump will ever be the nominee. that a mainstream conservative will rise to the top. and he warned that some shill rhetoric coming from trump and other candidates on immigration can only lead to defeat next november. on that point romney clearly
3:36 pm
learned a lesson from 2012. brett? >> thank you. the kentucky clerk who went to jail for refusing to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples says pope francis told her to stay strong when the two met briefly during his visit to the u.s. last week. first to shannon green with details. >> as information about the private meeting between kim davis and pope francis trickles in, so are new questions, including why the pope's public events and remarks focused so heavily on those topics that the left are happy to embrace. issues from the environment to income equality. but chose to keep his meetings on the controversial topic of religious liberty private. there's the issue of when abc news learned of the meeting and whether it sat on the information until davis' legal team revealed it last night. here's how davis described her time with the pope, which the team said happened at the vatican embassy in washington
3:37 pm
last thursday. >> put my hand out and he grabbed it. and i hugged him. and he hugged me and he said thank you for your collage. >> davis was jailed after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. her legal team said the holy father gave her these two rosaries and encouraged her to stay strong. a vatican spokesman confirmed the meeting took place, but wouldn't comment beyond that. the vatican is expected to release photos of the visit at some point. following the meeting, a "washington post" blogger posted this piece, quote no more mr. cool pope. just like with davis, it wasn't until after he met with the little sisters of the poor that we found out about the pope's time with them. they are engaged in a legal battle with the administration over the obamacare mandate that requires most employers to facilitate cost-free access to contraceptive fosor their employees, that case son appeal to the supreme court. we should know within weeks if the justices will decide to hear
3:38 pm
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that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. that means russia will not succeed in imposing a military solution on syria any more than the united states was successful in imposing a military solution on iraq a decade ago. and certainly no more than russia was able to impose a military solution on afghanistan three decades ago. >> what the fact is that we are now seeing an unleashing of russian air power to take out the free syrian army. and that is disgraceful. >> but it does appear that they were in areas where there probably were not isil forces and that is precisely one of the
3:42 pm
problems with this whole approach. >> did you say something about pentagon? everything, everything was said by the russian minister of defenseth don't listen to pentagon about the russian strikes. >> well, sergei lavrov said don't pay attention to the pentagon. but multiple u.s. officials, intelligence community and at the pentagon says the russian strikes today were not in ice ice areas, they were in syrian rebel areas, many of them in u.s.-backed syrian rebel areas. this comes a day, two days after the president met with vladimir putin at the united nations. so let's, how this started today was a russian general going to baghdad, here's what the state department said about it. a russian official in baghdad informed u.s. embassy personnel that russian military aircraft would begin flying anti-isil missions over syria. and he requested that the u.s. aircraft avoid the air space
3:43 pm
during these missions. the u.s.-led coalition will continue to fly missions over iraq and syria as planned and in support of our international mission to degrade and destroy isil. our pentagon team broke that story this morning. let's get in our panel. jonah goldberg, senior editor at "national review." and amy stoddard. let's get this straight, charles, the president and putin meet at the u.n. saying they're going to have this deconflict ion about the russian military. the way we find out that russia is going to start strikes, that are not on isis by the way, is a russian general essentially knocking on the door of the u.s. embassy in baghdad. >> and delivering a demarche. a nasty statement, a kind of ultimatum. we're doing this, we're going to do it within an hour and we don't want you in the air when we're doing this. it's one thing to be humiliated.
3:44 pm
it's another thing to have that demonstrated to the world when our allies are looking at us, wondering who's in charge here. the united states is told by russia one hour earlier that they're going to attack isis. the soviet ministry announces that they hit isis targets. everyone knows it is a lie. like all the lies issued in the ukraine. they were not hitting isis, isis isn't in the area. were hitting the city of homs. which is a stronghold for treat syrian army. our allies we are supposedly supporting and training and the allies of our arab allies, the ones in the gulf and elsewhere. and we do nothing, but then you've got the scene you showed, brett, about 20 minutes ago of before the show, actually, live of our secretary of state coming out in a jolly. with lavrov, the foreign minister of russia, as a buddy, and saying we've got a little problem about the nature of the targets that russia attacked
3:45 pm
today. but we'll go on to other stuff and worry about that later. as if it's a side issue. the point of the obama inviting in the russians first time in half a century, a complete revolution in our position on the russians staying out of the middle east was on the premise they're going to join a coalition against isis. i was saying last night, the russians have no interest in fighting isis. their only interest is supporting assad. keeping him in place and the reason they are hitting homs, is because it's the center of resistance from the legitimate pro-western opposition. they are hitting our allies and we do nothing, except have a palsy-walsy statement with the russian foreign minister. >> it's striking to see that image of secretary kerry and sergei lavrov on this day of all days, when pretty much everybody in the u.s. government concedes they were flat-footed by this. >> well they tried to pretend that they weren't surprised and
3:46 pm
that they had known because of the build-up in syria. of russian military in recent weeks. that some sort of strike would come. but they did not know that they were going to be given an hour's notice and told to stand down. in our own attacks. on isis in syria. now obviously lied to about the kind of target. and so they tried to pretend they weren't surprised. but it was beyond startling. they did not have an answer for why this was a nonisis target. except that they're still trying to get to the bottom of determining what kind of target it was. and they let sergei lavrov say things like don't listen to the pentagon and we're disagreeing on the details, but we all want the same goal this syria for a secular united whole democratic syria. and it's quite clear to the rest of the world, that no matter the meeting between putin and obama on monday this is not a coordinated effort between two countries. this is the russians telling the u.s. what's going on.
3:47 pm
>> there is the rub, jonah. it's not a coordinated effort. someone else who didn't have answers that the defense secretary at the pentagon. the key question is the possibility of an accident. the possibility of u.s. war planes and russian war planes somehow converging. the possibility of something happening. that escalates the situation. that was the question put to ash carter at the pentagon. >> i think you've touched about it on the hills that the coalition has a responsibility to protect the opposition forces, specifically the ones that are trained by the u.s. but the larger opposition forces what is the coalition responsibility if they're coming under airstrikes by the russians. >> our -- >> strikes by the assad regime? >> we have conducted air operations against isil, al news nusra and any other targets,
3:48 pm
it's not our target to conduct operations against all of those fighting asad. >> the u.s. is backing some of them. let's say the u.s.-backed syrian rebels come under attack by the russian, does the u.s. support the people that we've trained and equipped to be even though there are not many of them to be on the ground. >> i keep thinking of the scene from "red october" where they say this is going to get out of hand and people will die. the problem with this image we're hearing for the first time, is that talking about as if that is the diplomatic priority, deconfliction, when in reality the russians are bombing our defacto allies on the ground as part of their larger strategy, deflect from ukraine. reassert dominance in the middle east. this has been a per nekt seminar in what you get in reality when you go into the white house with
3:49 pm
the ideology that the president had. he honestly and sincerely thought from day one that if america withdrew from this world, this wonderful tooth fairy-like organization called the international community would fix all of our problems and they would step in and everything would be great. no, it turns out that when you create a vacuum, worse actors that even the united states like russia, china, iran, they seek to take advantage of the vacuum. and that's what we're seeing. >> what is next? we're going to talk about that on this issue, the biggest story of the day, we'll talk about hillary clinton's emails and more after this.
3:50 pm
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we agreed that the military should get into contact with each other very soon. >> we agreed on the imperative of as soon as possible, perhaps even as soon as tomorrow but as soon as possible having a military to military deconfliction discussion. >> sergei saying the military really should talk very soon. right after this bombing run. we're back with the panel. charles? >> who looks more er to you in that picture? here's the problem. the -- john was saying nobody is worried about deconfliction. no, the russians aren't. the russians marched? and said we are bombing get out of the area. obama had proposed a meeting. putin probably sat there and nodded not believing how naive his ad investor sear
3:54 pm
is. 48 hours later he starts the bombing without any negotiations. the russians are acting with complete contempt for the united states. now, personally, i don't really care. this isn't about that that it is important when you are stepped on, other countries in the are looking around who they with rely on. russians walk in and dictate terms and we are the ones begging for a meeting. >> i want to play this from ben rhodes, advisor to the president, his take on the russia position. >> you know, everybody is looking at putin as if this is some offensive maneuver. again, they have had bases in syria for a very long time. this is their principle in the arab world. it's been collapsing. he is trying to prop it up. i think that's hardly someone who is in a strong position. >> hardly someone, jonah who is in a strong position. >> the last thing the administration should be doing is doing pr for the
3:55 pm
russian regime. it seems often to be what they are trying to do. they often seem to be doing this high school debate tactic of saying, you know, well with, iraq didn't work out for us. this won't work out for them. you know, such great solace one takes when one is being bombed in one's home that the bombers are on the wrong side of history. they seem to have this idea that somehow each moment of failure that we get into won't have consequences down the road. yet, josh earnst this week says that the president has zero regrets about not following through on the red line because things would have been so much worse if we had sent troops in that we would have been losing that what you, too. the utter lack of confidence or sense that america can ever do anything right that you are getting from the leadership of this country. >> he would will will talk about how that translates in 2016 in the online show which comes right after this. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to find out the pros and cons of the u.n. general assembly according to one late night host.
3:56 pm
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pro, more than 150 world leaders are here in new york. con: they are all slowly walking in front of you on the sidewalk. [ applause ] pro: obama is staying at the waldorf his tore i can't. con: putin is staying at wall dorsal his tore i tore i can't. climate change and tuesday, wednesday, thursday peace keeping and the global economy. con: friday is karaoke and ten cent wing night. pro-avoiding traffic by taking a horse and carriage ride through central park. con: realizing your horse is being ridden by this guy. >> putin is everywhere. thanks for inviting us into your whom tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and
4:00 pm
unafraid. greta goes "on the record" in just a second and if you haven't been there, check out "special report" online. it begins in five seconds. this is a fox news alert. russian president vladimir putin in a stunning development surprising the president of the united states and the u.s. military by launching air strikes in syria. it all started early this morning as the russian three star general barged into the u.s. ambassador in baghdad and warned the united states to stay out of the way and clear the sky. russia is claiming it is target isis. the pentagon is not buying that. the united states saying russia may be targeting syrian opposition fighters and not isis. those syrian opposition fighters are trying to kick dictator assad out of power. >> russia has